5 Amazing Benefits of Playing Archery



Come rain or shine, at Withinnovation we absolutely love organising multi-activity team-building events. And to us, selecting the right activities for a client is imperative, especially when they’re picked specifically to meet client targets and help maximise ROI. That’s why we put every effort into planning indoor and outdoor events that are sure-to-be-hits, and without a doubt one of our all-time favourites is archery.

Originating as a hunting technique, the game of archery can be traced back 10,000 years and has since evolved throughout the world as a competitive sport, first appearing in the Olympics in 1900! The game is simple – use the bow and arrow to hit the target from a specified distance to score points. Adjustments can be made to alter the difficulty of the game, and technique may need to be tailored to each individual archer.

The great news? Our co-founder David Mold is a qualified archery instructor and on hand to give personalised, professional advice to anyone who’s up for giving it a go.

In case you need persuading further, here are five excellent reasons to incorporate archery into your next teambuilding event:

  1. Archery keeps you fit

Depending on your weight, archery burns up to 400 calories per hour – that’s the equivalent of a 4-mile jog! In fact, you can walk as many as 5 miles during a game by simply retrieving arrows… Yet, you don’t even realise you’re working out. Furthermore, the physical process of pulling and holding the bow is a fantastic endurance task, giving you better core strength and muscle tone. Basically, if you want to get fit and improve your overall physique, archery is the way to go.

  1. Archery is a sociable sport

Unlike gym-workouts and long-distance running, archery provides a relaxed environment for people to talk and interact, with just a hint of healthy competition. It doesn’t use up so much of your energy that you can barely catch a breath to speak to your peers, and it gives you enough downtime in between turns to encourage teammates. This is why it’s the perfect sport for colleagues to enjoy together, because it enhances relationships and helps everyone get to know each other in an enjoyable environment.

  1. Archery reduces stress

When playing archery, it is important to remain still, relaxed and focused. This means controlling your breath, aligning your body and focusing on the target. This straight-forward process acts as an excellent stress-buster, as it relies on the individual’s sole attention and careful movements. When integrated into a team-building day, archery can help to reduce workplace stress and give employees some much needed downtime. When played regularly, you can expect archery to improve mental wellbeing and, by extension, workplace performance as a result.

  1. Archery boosts confidence

Given that archery can be played by people of all abilities, including absolute novices, it’s fantastic at building confidence in people who might usually shy away from competitive sports. If you’re keen to organise a team-building corporate event with boosting overall confidence and team morale as the primary goal, archery will be a guaranteed hit. The game itself is straight-forward enough for everyone to understand and it’s not overly competitive, meaning nobody walks away feeling like they lost. Which brings us onto our final point…

  1. Archery is for everyone

One of our favourite things about archery is that it is for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, ability-level or background. For those who have physical impairments such as a knee injury, archery can be enjoyed from a seated position and does not place any strain on the lower body. It’s also safe for pregnant women and not a sport dominated by either gender. As an added bonus, it is easy to adjust the target and bow according to individual ability, so complete beginners can immerse themselves in the experience without embarrassment. This is why we love team-building sports like archery, because no matter what, it’s forever a favourite amongst participants at any corporate event we organise.

If you think your team could benefit from an archery session, or any other outdoor or indoor teambuilding activity, get in touch with us today!

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