A Personal Touch for Your Next Corporate Event

It was poet and author James Thomas who, in 1802, said, ‘One timely deed is worth ten thousand words’. And it is this concept that drives us to deliver not just exceptionally high-quality events, but to add those personal touches that make the event special to you.

At Withinnovation, we believe that no two companies are the same. Each has its own ethos, style and background. So, when we partner up with bespoke companies to bring a little extra flare to a corporate event, we ensure that the partnership we choose reflects the values and preferences of the clients we’re working for.

A case in hand, in January we were proud to host a large multi-activity event for JP Morgan Asset Management. Aside from delivering the package of team-building activities and entertainment promised, we teamed up with Aromatherapy Associates UK to surprise our guests with a pampering treat after a long, (very muddy) day outdoors. The ‘discovery packs’ were placed on the beds of each guest and included either a De-Stress bath & shower gel and De-Stress muscle gel, or a Rose Wash and Hydrating face oil. Upon retreating to their rooms for some much-needed downtime, the guests were able to use these luxurious products to help them unwind.

Aromatherapy Associates UK have been industry specialists in aromatherapy since their establishment in 1985. Their products are sold in spas, luxury hotels and retail outlets in over 50 countries worldwide, and the company remain committed to producing skincare products that are not only nourishing to the body, but emotionally beneficial too. It is their passion for creating customised, thoughtful products that focus on the experience of the customer that have made us want to work with them to deliver that extra touch of luxury at our premium events.

Of course, Aromatherapy Associates UK are not the only brand we work alongside to build meaningful complimentary customer experiences, and we are constantly striving to look for new ways to deliver that extra special touch to each event we organise.

Should you be interested in partnering with us, or, if you’d like to enquire about having a corporate event, please contact info@withinnovation.co, or call us on 02039 119 900.



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