Bespoke Corporate Festivals – The Ultimate Teambuilding and Networking Opportunity

If you want to go lock stock and barrel for your next corporate event, a bespoke festival can provide a fantastic opportunity for your customers, key clients, suppliers, colleagues and even your family to come together and enjoy a highly entertaining, commercially beneficial festival experience. Serving as a statement of intent for any business, a bespoke festival features all the traditional markings of an excellent corporate-away-day – the difference being these are all orchestrated into one meaningful and unforgettable affair that showcases your brand in the best possible way.

Unlike some of the festivals you may have attended in your youth, our bespoke festivals are a step-up from your typical, mud-ridden experience (although, we still recommend bringing a pair of wellies, just to stay on the safe side!) What you’ll enjoy instead is a luxury, vibrant and comfortable setting within the grounds of a luxury spa hotel of your choosing with access to customised pampering services, highly engaging activities and function spaces for conferencing.

The purpose of all chosen activities will be to strengthen your professional relationships, gain valuable insights into your team dynamics within a relaxed setting and, of course, have a lot of fun in the process.

Of course, we know that festivals can be a little bit tiring. That’s why we also incorporate a wellness package in partnership with the hosting spa hotel. So, following an active afternoon of field sports, you can unwind with a deep cleansing facial, foot bath, manicure or whatever else takes your fancy. Hotel spa treatments can be enjoyed by both men and women, and if you’re bringing your kids along, separate child-friendly games can be organised to give you the time to relax in peace.

Bespoke Festivals are ideal for large national or international multi-location companies. You may struggle to organise events that incorporate your more geographically distant employees or find that their family commitments can limit their capacity to spend additional time away from home. Alternatively, you might have a number of targets you’d like to achieve for the coming quarter, all of which cannot be addressed in one singular conference. Bespoke Festivals allow you to break up your day into chunks of meaningful time to create optimal opportunity to cover all ground. Plus, investing in a Bespoke Festival demonstrates a keen level of commitment to the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce, giving your clients, suppliers and key stakeholders the best possible impression while enabling proactive communication and strengthening relationships. It is our aim to achieve the best possible ROI for your company, so discussing key objectives prior to the festival will be paramount.

In addition, with you on the day will be Withinnovation co-founder Dan Symons, a professional musician with a wealth of experience in organising and overseeing the success of music festivals. His expertise in providing high quality entertainment, combined with the team’s dedication to helping you meet your business targets, will guarantee an unforgettable experience that will benefit your business in a tangible, measurable way.

To take the first step in organising your bespoke festival, email us now on or call us on 02039 119 900.

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