The PEN Is Mightier Than The AXE


August 27, 2021

We were really pleased last week to work for the first time with senior partners and executives from PEN Partnership who are specialist consultants to the financial services and pharmaceutical industry.

A group of approximately 35 gathered at the imposing and luxurious De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel in Old Windsor and we provided them with one morning session and one afternoon session of axe throwing and air rifle / hand gun target shooting.

For those of you who haven’t tried axe throwing before, it’s significantly harder than you think as the skill lies in gauging the velocity of the throw versus the rotation of the axe in order for the blade to remain stuck in the target (assuming, of course, it’s on target in the first place!) It’s a huge amount of fun as a team activity and, on the day, evoked a lot of competitive banter!

If these type of outdoor and field sport team activities are of interest to you or your business please get in contact with us directly via live chat or email at