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Event Management

Event Management sits at the epicentre of the Withinnovation offering and with 20 years of experience in this area we can help you you create a truly unforgettable event.

Our primary goal as a business is to offer our clients the structure they need to realise their event ideas. Withinnovation is a concept that steps from the belief that people inherently know what is best for them and their business and therefore the greatest ideas come from within.

Whatever your requirements, whatever the size of your group, our events team can produce an event to:

• Celebrate
• Recognise
• Reward
• Promote
• Or just have fun!

We can work with you to deliver a variety of events ranging from:

• Concerts
• Festivals
• Product Launches
• Corporate Anniversaries
• Office Parties
• Road Shows
• Awards Ceremonies
• Christmas Parties
• Stage & Lighting
• Bespoke Events
• Themed Events
• Charity Balls
• Gala Dinners

We take care of all the fine details so you can get on and enjoy your event knowing everything has been taken care of.

Our aim…

To create a unique event to inspire and have fun.

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Provide a platform for the good ideas

Successfully navigate the planning process

Successfully navigate the planning process

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Decide together what will work best

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Deliver a hassle free, successful and memorable experience

We cater for all event needs.

We will work hard at the early stages to get a clear understanding of what your event is trying to achieve. Having us deal with the research stage can save you a heap of time and a lot of money. We’ll build a short list of event options that fit your brief and find you the best possible prices from our industry contacts.

Whether it’s a private celebration or a business function let us shine a light on your best event ideas and take the hassle out of bringing them to life. From idea conception onwards, we’ll manage the entire process. You name it and we can deliver it!

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