Executives in Africa Outdoor Corporate Away-Day

Executives In Africa Outdoor Corporate Away-Day

The sun was shining down on Audleys Wood Hotel last Wednesday as senior management search company Executives In Africa enjoyed magnificent grounds and outdoor target sports as part of their quarterly team-building away day.

We could not have chosen a more suitable venue than Audleys Wood for this event. Nestled in the Hampshire countryside, this historic 72-bed mansion is situated amongst lush greenery and 7 acres of wide outdoor spaces making it ideal for a range of business and leisure pursuits. The combination of beautiful, contemporary function rooms, an elegant dining area and vast grounds makes it perfect for whole-day events consisting of conferences, lunch and entertainment, which is why we knew the team at Executives In Africa would be thrilled with the setting.

With offices in Woking and Lymington, Executives In Africa make the conscious decision to bring both cornerstones of the business together every few months to encourage positive interactions and productive team-building experiences. Given that we (optimistically) predicted the weather was going to take a turn for the better, it was agreed that an outdoor activity day would be the best option for this time of year and for the purpose described by Executives In Africa during initial conversations. The group came together in the morning for a meeting in one of the hotel’s conference rooms, which was followed by a delicious lunch with time to relax and catch up with one another. While this happened, the team at Withinnovation set up a shooting gazebo and archery stand in the beautiful grounds ready for the afternoon activities. After lunch, the group were split into three teams of nine and had a go at pistol shooting, rifle shooting and archery. Participants were sheltered by an elegant shooting gazebo (which became necessary in the midday heat) and teams were guided by on-hand experts so that they could remain safe while making the most out of the unique experience. The afternoon concluded with a very welcome ice-cold pint and a slice of birthday cake (happy birthday John!). It goes without saying that we are very much looking forward to working with Executives In Africa again in the future.

Of course, it’s only April, meaning that there’s still time to book your summer teambuilding event before the weather turns. Should an outdoor activity day strike your interest, give us a call now on 02039 119 900 and we’ll be happy to discuss your business goals and how these can be achieved through a teambuilding away day.



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