How To Build An Event Suited To Everyone

How To Build An Event Suited To Everyone

If your business enjoys a diverse workforce with employees spread across a wide spectrum of age, gender, interests and abilities, it can be a challenge to think of a corporate away day that appeals to everyone.

But we have a solution that keeps all participants entertained and engaged without anyone feeling left out or left behind, as was discovered this week by global smart technology leaders Wärtsilä.

The Generation Game

Recently returned to our screens, The Generation Game continues to be a family favourite for audiences young and old. And given its popularity across such a wide demographic, we thought it could be the ideal template to build a fun and stimulating corporate teambuilding event.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, The Generation Game spans back to the 1970s and for a long time was considered staple Saturday night feel-good TV. Hosted by the late and great Bruce Forsythe, contestants played in pairs, always a generation or more apart (e.g. a mother and son, or grandparent and grandchild), and competed against one another to perform a variety of tasks demonstrated beforehand by a professional. Quiz elements and the famous memory-conveyor-belt game were also included, providing all round family entertainment and good clean fun.

What we love about The Generation Game is its timelessness, and that’s why it works so well as a teambuilding event for all.

It is designed with everyone’s interests in mind, giving all participants (irrespective of their gender, age or ability), the opportunity to show off their natural talents, put a smile on people’s faces and practise essential teamwork and communication skills simultaneously. As was found by Wärtsilä and many previous companies who have opted for this simple and effective corporate away day, The Generation Game can allow companies to build their own event around their goals, preferences and interests, while letting their hair down and enjoying the process.

Scroll down to see pictures from this week’s Generation Game event, which included some pretty impressive cake decorating!

As always, should you be interested in a teambuilding away day that appeals to a spectrum of interests, contact us today on 02039 119 900.


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