Our top 5 corporate team-building events for Spring


With the second quarter approaching, you might be thinking about planning a Spring away day for your company but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. That’s why we have gathered together our 5 favourite corporate events that are ideal for this time of year. Read on to discover more…

1. Sailing

While sailing may look like a breeze, any seasoned Skipper will tell you that it requires skill, patience and team-work to keep afloat. That’s why we love organising corporate sailing events – not only will you be guaranteed a unique day out, but also a tremendously entertaining time with your colleagues as you learn the ropes and navigate the winding waters. Sailing can be both co-operative and competitive, with multiple vessels available for racing and a team of experts on hand to guide the way. It’s also the ideal activity for this time of year because the temperature is just right to enjoy a spot of sunshine and a cool drink on the starboard once the hard work’s out the way. 

2. The Lost Chimes of Da Vinci

A favourite of our co-founder David, the Lost Chimes of Da Vinci is an outdoor problem-solving event that’s ideal for teams that could benefit from practising planning, time management and communication. The aim of the game is to use a series of codes, maps, history books and guides to navigate your way through a mission to rebuild the Lost Chimes of Da Vinci. The activity is peppered with riddles and red-herrings, and encourages leadership and requires and strong collective team intellect in order to complete the task

3. Outdoor Multi-Activity Day

Larger companies may be interested in trying our outdoor multi-activity events, much like the one we recently organised for JP Asset Management. An abundance of exciting options are available to choose from, including rifle and pistol shooting, blind 4×4 driving, motorised Power Turns, Segways, Rage Buggies and Quad Biking, archery, cross bow and clay pigeon shooting and much more. With the weather picking up, April and May mark the perfect months for enjoying outdoor activities, and each day can be fully customised to suit the interests and dynamics of your specific workgroup. 

4. Bespoke Festival

Forget everything you think you know about corporate away days. If you haven’t experienced one of our bespoke festivals yet, then it should definitely be on your to-do list this Spring. Bespoke festivals provide the perfect setting for your colleagues, clients, suppliers, stakeholders and families to get together within the picturesque grounds of a carefully selected hotel to showcase the culture of your business whilst driving forward your commercial ambitions. It’s the ultimate corporate event.

5. Treasure Hunt

Particularly well suited to departments that lean towards customer service and public facing communications, treasure hunts can take place within quaint rural villages or bustling cities and require the essential pillars of teamwork to be successful. Having to think on your feet as problems realise themselves, using effective communication and creative-thinking, teams are asked to crack codes, complete tasks and follow clues to find the hidden treasure. A pub lunch and glass of something rewarding will go down a treat after a good stomp-about, and Spring is the perfect season to fully immerse yourself in the experience. 

So, if you’re thinking about kicking off the second quarter with a Spring away day, call us now. We can organise a spectacular outdoor event for your team, large or small, and ensure your commercial goals are met by planning each activity to be both entertaining and commercially purposeful to your business.  


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