Team building

Nobody knows the dynamics of your team better than you. Withinnovation Team Building events are constructed around listening to our clients’ needs and creating offsite team building adventures that have a commercial purpose and a tangible end result for the business. Working with you we will conceive, plan, build and deliver an event that is specific to your team’s requirements. We are passionate about it being a hell of a lot of fun, whilst being so much more than just a company jolly. We do a huge amount of research into the demography and background of the participants and where necessary encourage clients to consider a professional facilitator to help resolve any structural or communication problems within the group.

Here are a few examples of what we do.

Motorised Vehicles

Motorised vehicle activities are a great way to improve team spirit and communication as we make even elements as fundamental as steering a team problem. Packages include Rage Buggies, Blind 4×4 Driving, Power Turns, Segways, Quad Bikes and off road 4×4 driving.

Corporate Mystery Jets

The day starts early with a meeting at a pre-arranged location where your team will be loaded into the back of our top of the range Land Rover Defenders and then whisked away to a private airport. On arriving at the airport the teams will be taken into the briefing room where the day ahead will be set out over breakfast. The teams will be told that they have to crack the codes and find our secret training camp situated somewhere in the UK, or even further afield depending on budget. All they have is the use of maps, charts and cryptic clues. When the teams have discovered the location of the training camp they will then board their private jet for the journey there.

Physical Exercises & Boot Camp

Are you up to it? All exercises are mentally and physically stimulating and highlight the importance of planning, communication and organisational skills. These exercises can be run in the grounds of your hotel or at a convenient site. You will be met at the training camp by our instructors and put through your paces. Your day will begin with roll call and refreshments and once you have been briefed you will be split into teams and head out on your basic training.

Pub Olympics

We can transform any space into a good old fashioned pub complete with darts, skittles, pool tables, air hockey and of course a pub quiz followed by some wholesome pub grub. We can brand the boozer with your corporate identity and leave it in situ for the duration of your event so there’s always a place for you to relax with your colleagues.

Casino Night

This unique event format incorporates non-stop entertainment and interactivity for your group. Guests will find it both challenging and fun to compete individually or in a team format against our croupiers under the tight control of a casino manager. We have a reputation for organising something out of the ordinary when it comes to a casino nights by combining traditional and alternative casino protocols!

Cocktail Making

With our expert mixologists we create a fun and often alcoholic team building event where you and your colleagues compete to make and serve the best cocktails. A huge amount of team fun but often best left for the concluding night of an event.

Wine Tasting

From Champagne tasting to a wine tasting quiz, our events are innovative and fun, pitched at a level that ensures everyone learns something new, whatever their wine knowledge. We turn wine education into first class entertainment so that your guests leave with confidence to tackle the wine list at the next company dinner! For a fun 1-2 hour tasting session with quiz challenges we’ve put together a simple Corporate Wine Tasting Package. If you’re looking for a walkabout format where guests can mingle we can host a Network Tasting. If you have other corporate hospitality objectives not covered by our existing formats, please ask and we will accommodate.

Special Opps

You will be given special training in weapons and tactics. Part of your aim is to manage your ammunition supplies. More success equals more ammo! Your team will be required to crack codes and memorise secret intelligence which will be required during the final game which will culminate with defusing a bomb. If all goes to plan your team exits the building victorious, however should you fail there will be a loud bang!

Chocolate Making

Each team will spend time designing and making their own chocolates. For ten minutes before they start, groups will be given pens and paper to design their treats. Once agreed the real work begins. Each team will create and decorate a selection of chocolates and will have to make and decorate a range of goodies such as an assortment of fudge, coconut kisses, chocolate caramels and Florentines. As time is called, everyone will down tools and the chefs will judge each team. Drinks are served as the winning teams are announced.


Our Olympic style traditional English longbows are fun and easy to pull. To start with, the archery targets are close enough to hit easily, but as your skill improves, the archery targets are moved to distance shooting. Aerial and other targets are also available for those who would like to try.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Experienced instructors will set up different shooting positions using the elusive clay pigeon to simulate different birds. Breaking the clays is extremely satisfying!

Laser Clay Shooting

An ideal activity where Clay Pigeon Shooting is not possible. Five guns are active simultaneously, recording each individual score by means of laser beam. The event can be run in the hotel grounds.

Crossbow Shooting

These weapons pack a punch, with the pull of the target you can feel the power as the bolt leaves the crossbow and heads for the target, great fun that will leave you wanting more.

Air Rifles & Pistols

Single shot riffles and pistols are great fun, with targets ranging from paper, metal disks to the metal crow that everyone likes to hit, got your eye in try your eight round hand gun…

Shooting Range

Laser Gunners are spot on target with laser tag firing range target systems, electro-mechanical pop-up and moving targets.
Targets react as if hit by live rounds, so no expensive ammunition costs. Give your team the ‘new skill thrill’ with our military type laser range systems.

It’s A Knockout

All the games are fast furious, wet and fun for all. Teams compete in head to head races throughout the session with the playing of the joker a vital part if you wish to come out on top. Hilarious team building fun not for the feint hearted!

Water Based Activities

With strong relationships in the New Forest and Solent area we predominantly base our sailing / water based activity in that picturesque part of the UK, however we can implement it anywhere that suits your event. We can base you in a luxury hotel and working with you we will conceive, plan, build and deliver a corporate sailing event that is specific to you and your team’s requirements.

Sailing Day

Here is an example of our standard Solent sailing day. All of our yachts are state of the art, fine-tuned racing boats, which are great fun yet easy to learn for the novice when under the experienced guidance of our fully qualified Skippers.

9.30am: Meet Skippers for Safety Briefing followed by issuing of buoyancy aids and waterproof clothing

10.00am: The flotilla will head towards the Solent. Everyone on board the boats will be involved in steering, sail handling and the general working of all boats.

11.00am: Morning races begin

12.30pm: Lunch on board the yachts

1.30pm: Resumption of sailing

5.30pm: Back on land

Rib Treasure Hunt

Racing across the sea in a top of the range “Rib” will take your breath away. The exhilaration of taking the helm at high speed with the wind in your hair is a unique, adrenaline fuelled experience. The event includes a treasure hunt around the Solent. The teams will have to find the locations and then head ashore to complete the challenges locations range from Lymington and Southampton on the main land to Cowes and Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Racing across the sea on board a top of the range “Sunseeker” will take your breath away. The exhilaration of taking to the helm at high speed with the wind in your hair is a unique, adrenaline fuelled experience. During the course of the day the teams will have to find locations and buoys using maps and charts of the area. The day takes you from Southampton and Lymington on the main land to Cowes and Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight to name but a few.

Land & Sea Search

In this action packed day the teams will have to race around the Solent onboard top of the range Ribs and then map their way to different locations in and around The New Forest using their Land Rover 110 Defender.

Raft Building

Are you ready to get wet? Your team is tasked with the job of building a sea going raft with only the equipment provided. Once launched the fun begins with a series of water based challenges and races.

Lifeboat Search & Rescue

There is no such thing as a typical day on the water with us but this event gives real insight into what can be expected out on the waves. Our lifeboat experience will start early where we will take you through the basic skills you will need to successfully complete the Search and Rescue mission including Navigation and SAR Techniques. We will also explain the key roles onboard a lifeboat, roles that the group will then be called upon to fill.

These are just a few of the brilliant team events we can help construct. We can replicate your favourite TV show, construct murder mysteries, build treasure hunts, take you around pyramids, across ravines, up mountains and down pot holes. The list is as long as your imagination…..!

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